open water diver, koh phangan
open water diver course, koh phangan, thailand




The Open Water Diver certification is the 1st complete PADI certification you can earn and the most chosen course for beginners in Koh Phangan and worldwide. This license is the most recognized in the dive industry and will allow you to dive anywhere in the world, independent of professional supervision, to a maximum depth of 18 metres/60 feet. This license is your passport to adventure and the key to open the door of the wonderful underwater world.




The PADI eLearning programs allows you to start the PADI Open Water Diver course immediately with either an on-line eLearning course or the Touch version that allows you to use a tablet like an iPad, and to do most of your studying offline (the initial download, quizes and exams must be done with an internet connection). In addition to the eLearning program, students also participate in five skill development sessions and four open water dives at Fish & Ships.

open water diver course, koh phangan, thailand
open water diver course, koh phangan, thailand





Upon successful completion of this course, students become PADI Open Water Divers and can continue training with the PADI Advanced Open Water course and PADI Specialty courses such as Digital Underwater Photography, Underwater Naturalist, and many more.

Course Schedule

Day 1

08.00 – 08.30: Orientation
08.30 – 12.00: Knowledge Development (scuba theory)
12.00 – 13.00: Lunch
12.00 – 15.00: Knowledge Development (scuba theory)

Day 2

08.00 – 12.00: Confined Water Training
12.00 – 13.00: Lunch
12.00 – 15.00: Confined Water Training

open water diver course, koh phangan, thailand
open water diver course, sail rock, koh phangan,thailand

Day 3

08.00 – 10.00: Knowledge Development & Final Exam
10.00 – 12.00: Open Water Training dives 1
12.00 – 13.00: Lunch
13.00 – 15.00: Open Water Training dives 2

Day 4

07.00 – 08.00: Free Pick up at your resort
08.00 – 09.30: Arrival on the boat, breakfast, diving theory
09.30 – 11.30: Open Water Training dives 3
11.30 – 12.30: Lunch
12.30 – 14.00: Open Water Training dives 4
14.00 – 16.00: Returning to Koh Phangan

You are now a fully qualified PADI Open Water diver!